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Put Your Dancing Shoes Away!

Unfortunately, rain has stopped play again

We have had to cancel the Country Dance Festival which was to have been held on Wednesday, 19 June 2019.

Looking forward to seeing you next year when hopefully the sun will be shining!

A Win-Win Situation!

Deciding to become a teacher is one of the hardest decisions you will have to take as teaching is not right for everyone.Teaching can be very hard work and at times scary when you think about the responsibility you have in supporting the children you will teach. It can be a high-pressured career, with the continual media headlines, outlining stories of how difficult the classroom and school environment can be, so it is important to celebrate and share the rewards that come with role too.

"Teaching is an incredible job. It's different every day and building those relationships with your class and helping the children to fulfil their potential, is an amazing privilege." Schools Direct Student

Making the right choice for you in selecting the organisation to help you become a teacher is the next most important decision you will ever make. You need to be sure that when you qualify as a teacher, the training you have received, enables you to hit the ground running and that you would be supported in your future teaching career.

Our WGSP Schools Direct Primary Programme provides a dynamic and supportive environment in which to train to teach. Our programme provides a more practical on-the-job teacher training route than the traditional PGCE delivered in universities.Student teachers will be in school from day one and are taught by expert practitioners from our schools as well as receiving a comprehensive CPD programme. Students are also enrolled with the University of Gloucestershire which provides the academic element of the programme.100% of our previous students rating our programme as Good!

Our weekly newsletter shows what our partnership provides for our schools and the priority we place on developing our staff and providing them with information and resources to support them in their work with our children. This support is provided as a matter of course to all our student teachers as they are our teachers of the future!

We are looking for aspirational teachers and the school leaders of the future. We want the most ambitious students who will embrace all the opportunities we offer and begin their route to become an outstanding teacher.

"I have loved this course and will be recommending it to so many people. Thank you for helping me grow and believing in me, even when I doubted myself." Schools Direct Student

Having Schools Direct students in our schools also brings lots of benefits to our partnership.It brings a fresh perspective to school staffing teams as well as giving our schools an opportunity 'grow their own' teachers who will work more effectively in the school in which they have been based.

Student teachers receive increasingly comprehensive training that focuses on new approaches to teaching and they bring with them lots of new ideas and an infectious enthusiasm for learning. Hosting a student helps develop the mentor teacher to have a deeper understanding of pedagogy and ways to support other teachers.It also makes them reflect on their own practice and improve their own quality of teaching.

A win-win situation for everyone!

Please share the information on our programme and how to apply with colleagues, parents at your school and friends who may be considering teaching as a career as applications are accepted now for 2019-20: WGSP Schools Direct

Small Steps

The WGSP Pupil Premium Network met this week to share ideas and experiences of supporting pupil premium children by removing barriers to learning. The network consists of heads, deputies and pupil premium champions from WGSP schools and local secondary schools and a Gloucestershire LA performance adviser.

The success of the Pupil Premium Audit Tool which was produced by the network earlier in the year and rolled out across Gloucestershire schools was celebrated. Feedback showed that schools felt it was a very useful tool which asked key questions to help improve the management of pupil premium children. It was also felt that the tool would be useful for early years settings which could adapt it for their own use and which may help with transition of young children into school.

The main focus of the meeting was attendance and the group shared strategies to manage and improve attendance rates which had been successful in their own schools. The consensus was that the key to improving attendance was to strengthen parental engagement which could be helped by making use of the recently published EEF toolkit on parental engagement and learning from the EEF funded project on texting to support parental engagement. This project had been established as a result of recent research in the United States which had found evidence that texting information to parents about children's attendance and homework submission records was successful in increasing their attainment. The latest research on attendance was also shared - this had concluded that the most effective strategies were those which were based on individual approaches i.e. tailored for the child / student. It was also recognised that children / students should be praised for any small improvements in their attendance as small steps lead to big steps over time.

The next meeting on 16th October, will focus on sharing experiences of Pupil Premium Reviews and reviewing barriers to learning. So please come and join us!

The Future is Very Bright!

WGSP are delighted to announce that after many years of hard work by schools in the Forest, Lydney C of E Primary School has been designated as a Teaching School and will lead our alliance which will be known as:

The Forest of Dean Teaching School Alliance

WGSP will work very closely with the FoDTSA and will continue to provide high quality CPD but will now do so on behalf of our alliance.

This is the start of an exciting journey that will benefit the children and staff of the Forest of Dean and we look forward to the many opportunities that it will bring.


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    We are looking for the next generation of stand-out teachers - students who are excited about making a difference to our children and our schools - come and join us!



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