Curriculum - CPD

Effective Assessment in the Early Years

Monday, 15 October 2018 Last booking date: 21 September 2018
09.15 - 15.15
WGSP Members £90.00 Non Members £135.00
Severnbanks Primary School
Helen Tate Helen Tate Consultancy

Last booking date: 21 September 2018

This full days training will give practitioners the opportunity to discuss, share and evaluate good practice in observation, planning and assessment in order to support, enhance and challenge provision and practice so that children are able to reach their full potential in all areas of development.

Practitioners will:

Explore how observations of children in different contexts can support learning and development through an enabling environment, indoors and outdoors.

Understand the importance and links between the observation, assessment and planning cycle

Consider the role of the adult in supporting and enhancing learning through observation and effective interaction.

Consider strategies used to enable and encourage parental engagement in the process of observation and assessment.

Explore ways in which staff can be mentored and coached in communicating effective observations

This training is suitable for Early Years Staff & Preschools